Hi, I’m Jennifer Longworth. My passion for audio broadcasting, and eventually podcasting, began when I was young. But back then, the college degree I wanted didn’t actually exist. I was ahead of my time. I went to college right from high school anyway but chose to stop after an Associate’s Degree. Furthering my education in my passion would have to wait for the world to catch up. Eventually it did with the emergence of podcasting and the rapidly increasing adoption of social media. So I went back to college and in 2017, I completed my Bachelor’s in Communications: New Media from Southern New Hampshire University. The degree I wanted finally existed.

The years between my first college experience and my second were still full of the wonders of the audio world. I worked at a small community radio station as a call screener and eventually as a traffic reporter. Over time, I became the production manager there.

While I worked in broadcasting, I also got married, had children and homeschooled them. As they grew and prepared to leave the nest, I moved into a new phase in my career. Podcasting had emerged, and I had been immediately smitten. I dove into the podcasting world, drawing on my broadcasting experience. I cherish the freedom podcasting offers. The idea that anyone can be heard, no matter who they are or where they live… it opens the world up to everyone.

With this freedom and passion as my driving force, I began doing independent work as a podcast editor and producer. Eventually, I added being a podcast speaker for groups and events and being a podcast host/co-host. And in 2018, I co-founded the Lexington Podcasters Group for local networking.

Throughout the changes in podcasting and broadcasting, my love for the art has never waned. It is my philosophy that everyone has a voice and stories to tell. As those stories are told, they should never be overshadowed or diminished by poor audio quality, distracting noises or awkward pauses. Podcasters deserve to present themselves as authorities in their spheres with professionally produced shows. Listeners deserve to hear them as the podcaster intended. It is my pleasure and passion to help make that happen.


Whether personal or business, podcasts can be a powerful marketing tool. Hosting a podcast can increase your influence and authority in your space. Let’s talk about the best strategies to get your voice heard!


Everyone has a powerful message to share. And from a podcaster's lips to the listener's ears, that message should come across with clarity and impact. Let me help your voice be heard!


I’d love to inspire and empower your people as a speaker for your workshop or event. And if you live local, I also host the Lexington Podcasters meetups for area networking. Join us and get connected, even if you’re just considering podcasting. See my Facebook page for all the details!

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